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We refine the global reach at every stage of the communication process

At arttalo TECH, we offer a range of advanced translation and localization services, optimizing the global reach of your communication at every stage of the process. Our range of linguistic solutions goes from specialized technical translation to layout and localization adapted to different languages, supporting a wide variety of sector s and languages.

With a team of expert translators, we ensure accuracy and consistency in all our projects, covering specific needs in technical manuals, software, legal and marketing documents and more.

Related services

Technical translation

We offer translation services focused on meeting the demands of specialized sectors. Our team of expert translators combines linguistic competence with technical knowledge, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every project.

We cover a wide range of translation areas, from user manuals, technical specifications and software to legal or marketing documents.

We ensure the accuracy of the content, preserving specific terminology.

Linguistic proofreading service

Our linguistic proofreading service focuses on enhancing the quality of each word, ensuring accuracy and clarity in the texts.

We offer precise corrections and suggestions to improve clarity and impact.

Our experts thoroughly proofread the documents to ensure consistency, grammar, and appropriate style in each language.

Terminological management and glossary creation

We optimize the quality of translations by creating and managing terminological glossaries using advanced CAT tools. The implementation of these tools facilitates a consistent and fluid translation in each language.

Our specialized team ensures the terminological consistency in each project, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Creation and maintenance of translation memories

We enhance the efficiency of translations by using specialized translation memory (TM) creation and maintenance services. We develop customized TMs, ensuring consistency and fluidity in the content.

We continually update these memories to reflect changes and guarantee coherence and reuse of content over time. This optimized solution streamlines processes, reduces costs and improves quality, offering a competitive advantage in your multilingual communications.

Translation and localization services - arttalo TECH

Professional voiceover

We have a team of professional voiceover actors who combine vocal experience with versatility to convey the message with impact and authenticity.

We provide a variety of voices and styles, customized for each project. Our offer includes commercial approaches, corporate narratives and multimedia content, adapting to the specific demands of each project.

We have a team of professional voiceover actors who combine vocal experience with versatility to convey the message with impact and authenticity.

Translation and localization service, professional voice-over at arttalo TECH

Language interpreting services

Our professional interpreters are specialized in consecutive, simultaneous and liaison interpretation, ensuring accurate and fluent translation at events, meetings and conferences. We adapt our approach to specific needs to ensure effective communication in each context.

We ensure an accurate understanding of each term, preserving the integrity of the message in diverse multicultural contexts.

Multilingual video subtitling

Our multilingual video subtitling service offers a complete solution combining linguistic precision with advanced technical synchronization.

Our team of experts ensures that each subtitle faithfully reflects the original content, adapting to the culture and language of the target audience.

We cover a wide range of corporate content and ensure we comply with accessibility regulations, allowing videos to be inclusive and understandable for everyone.

DTP – Layout and localization adapted to the language

This is a comprehensive solution that ensures visual and typographic coherence in translated documents. We combine translation accuracy with expert graphic design to ensure each element fits the target language and culture, while maintaining the integrity and impact of the original content.

Our expert layout team is in charge of adapting the design to each language, ensuring an impeccable presentation ready for publication or printing.

This approach is ideal for a variety of materials, ensuring that each adaptation is culturally relevant and effective in communicating the message.

arttalo TECH DTP layouting services.


At arttalo TECH we design global solutions for our clients.

We specialize in key sectors for digital transformation, in which technical documentation, product support and the design of interfaces and customized solutions require the highest standards of professionalism.




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