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We know how important it is to have a reliable partner that offers comprehensive information technology solutions. At arttalo TECH, we stand out as the ideal strategic partner for your requirements, specializing in technical documentation, engineering services, translation, consulting, and development of custom interfaces and applications. Our strength lies in a solid track record, backed by extensive experience in process digitization. This allows us not only to intervene, but also to enhance any stage of the life cycle of your product, ensuring an expert support from conception to implementation.

Our vision goes beyond solving problems; our goal is to optimize and enhance every aspect surrounding your product’s technical information, providing personalized and competitive solutions that drive success and efficiency in a constantly evolving market. Trust us to be the engine that takes your ideas to the next technological level.

Track record

We started in 1999 under the name Verlag Automobil Wirtschaft to provide technical documentation services to various sectors that were in the middle of a transformation process, especially energy and automotive.

As part of the German group Bertelsmann, under the Arvato division, in the following years we achieved significant growth in our business as well as an expansion of our activities locally and internationally, consolidating ourselves as a reference in the field of technical documentation, engineering, translations and product management.

Thanks to the trust that our clients placed in us, the ample experience acquired in our career, and our maturity resulting from the improvement of our services and solutions, in 2023 we took a step further, becoming arttalo TECH.

We have the trust, support and backing of small and large companies with high and demanding standards. These companies look for a reliable partner, with solid experience in documentation and product management processes, while at the same time requiring flexibility and dynamism when obtaining solutions.

Mission, vision and values

Our business model places the needs of our clients at the center to develop comprehensive and personalized solutions. We accompany the client throughout the project to offer an end-to-end model.

Our approach is based on the integration of technologies to design, develop and implement the best solution in the field of technical documentation creation and management, in a viable way. Our service package is completed with the integration of the required infrastructure as well as SaaS.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation and excellence defines us as a company that is focused on results.
With more than two decades of knowledge and experience, we are positioned as a trustworthy partner that can help you face the new challenges associated with digitalization in the field of technical documentation.

Our vision and focus on continuous improvement and innovation provide added value to our clients. Our goal is to enhance and position ourselves with a differential value in a competitive market.

Some of our main values are specialization in our sector, focus on technological innovation, pragmatism and flexibility, as well as the continuous search for excellence. Our corporate culture rests on the basic pillars of integrity and responsibility with both our employees and our clients. We have established common goals to achieve our objectives. We set common goals to achieve the objectives.

About us, mission, vision, and values of Arttalo TECH.

Our team of experts

With more than 100 employees, our main offices are located in Martorell, Barcelona. From this center we provide coverage to our clients both nationally and internationally. With a second work center located in Pamplona we reinforce the services and projects for our clients in the northern area.

Our human team is made up of experts in the different fields of technical documentation. We rely on a perfect mix of profiles with extensive experience in the company and new hires that bring new, fresher and renewed vision.

Our team of engineers and developers provide the most technological and innovative vision when defining solutions.

As a differential value, our team is a pioneer in a multidisciplinary approach that includes projects in the automotive, energy and industrial fields. These projects can comprise analysis and consulting phases, technical writing with STE, vision and knowledge of the product as a concept (workshop and prototypes) and electronic and technological areas.

To complement and support our operations experts, we have a team of managers, coordinators and team leaders, as well as account managers who accompany our clients.

About us, expert team of Arttalo TECH

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We offer solutions ranging from technical content to software development. With over 25 years of experience, we are ready to help you succeed.

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