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UX | UI Design at arttalo TECH

We create intuitive interfaces for digital products and services, optimizing the user experience.

We provide comprehensive solutions for web, mobile platforms or any interactive screen in the automotive sector. Our approach encompasses every stage of the process, ensuring complete coverage of project needs. We start with an initial development phase, establishing all system requirements, identifying user roles, creating persona profiles, and conducting extensive market research.

We continue to define the design and aesthetics of the product, carefully modeling the user experience and journey, as well as the interaction design. Then we produce detailed specifications and functional prototypes, accompanied by a meticulous UX writing process.

In later stages, we work closely with the software development, content creation, translation and testing teams, to ensure that the application not only meets expectations, but is also a notable success in its field.

Related services

Service design

At arttalo TECH, we have developed a comprehensive end-to-end service that covers the entire spectrum of the interactive process. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of all possible touch points between the interface and users, whether they are end users or anyone else who interacts with the environment or is impacted by the service.

Our methodology goes beyond the traditional user experience, comprehensively addressing the business process and considering the system in its entirety. This includes:

  • A user-centric approach to ensure solutions that meet the user’s needs and expectations.
  • Co-creation, involving diverse perspectives to enrich the design process.
  • Holistic thinking, key to guaranteeing the coherence and consistency of the service.
  • The use of prototypes and iterative testing to continually refine the solution.
  • Detailed visualization and mapping of all service processes for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Constant innovation and adaptability to changes, staying ahead of market trends and customer needs.

At arttalo TECH, we are committed to offering solutions that not only respond to current requirements, but also anticipate and adapt to future needs.

UX | UI Design, service design at arttalo TECH
UX | UI design, automotive infotainment at arttalo TECH

Automotive infotainment

In today’s automotive industry, providing exceptional driving experiences is critical to success. Our human-machine interface (HMI) design and implementation services are at the forefront in this field, offering not only attractive aesthetics but also functionality focused on driver safety and comfort.

Our approach includes putting our products through extensive testing processes, ensuring that every screen interaction is intuitive and secure. By taking into account the driver’s needs and the specific characteristics of the display, we are committed to presenting information clearly and accurately, optimizing each function for an enhanced driving experience. Our mission is to enhance the in-vehicle infotainment experience, providing customers with an ideal fusion of innovation, safety and ease of use.

Data visualization

The data visualization service focuses on addressing the challenge of presenting large volumes of technical data in an effective and clear manner. This process involves using advanced UX/UI design principles to transform complex data into visually clear and accessible formats. We create intuitive interfaces that facilitate the interpretation and analysis of information, converting raw data into practical and easily understandable knowledge.

This service pays close attention to every aspect of the design, including interface structure and color selection, in order to capture the user’s attention and promote quick, informed decisions. The goal is to make data visualization a competitive resource, providing companies with a powerful tool for strategic decision making. Thanks to this, data visualization not only simplifies the understanding of large amounts of information, but also becomes a strategic asset to drive success in the business environment.

UX | UI design, data visualization at arttalo TECH
Web application services by arttalo TECH

Web applications and mobile apps

We develop fully customized web and mobile applications, aimed at managing technical information in the cloud.

We focus all our products towards cloud functionality, with interfaces that offer an intuitive, streamlined and accessible user experience. From a technical point of view, we adapt our backends to the technology that best suits your environment and your corporate or business requirements, and always rely on high security standards and robust and consolidated platforms in the IT sector.

B2B and B2C e-commerce

We implement customized e-commerce systems, both in B2C formats and multi-store B2B portals, designed to adapt to local and international markets. Our approach ranges from development customized from scratch to adaptation of market-leading platforms.

We employ cutting-edge, highly customizable technologies, focusing on efficient functionality and minimalist design. We prioritize an optimal browsing experience on mobile devices, without neglecting performance and SEO optimization. In addition, we integrate interconnections with various data sources, as well as with reference ERPs and CRMs.

Our solutions and experience are aimed at turning e-commerce into a key driver for business growth and expansion.

Software development and digitalization services, B2B and B2C e-commerce at arttalo TECH


At arttalo TECH we design global solutions for our clients.

We specialize in key sectors for digital transformation, in which technical documentation, product support and the design of interfaces and customized solutions require the highest standards of professionalism.




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