Automotive sector

At arttalo TECH, we design global solutions for our clients in the creation and management of their technical documentation for any market and language.

Automotive sector at arttalo TECH

At arttalo TECH we are specialists in several areas of the automotive sector, with experience carrying out useful projects for our clients. We add value to their business and develop specific solutions in technical documentation and support and aftersales engineering projects.

Aftersales area

We develop comprehensive service center technical documentation projects, so that your official service center network has all the technical and documentary support to carry out their vehicle maintenance and repair activities in an optimal way.

Our documentation and analysis projects:

  • Repair and maintenance manuals
  • Repair times and publication of official rates
  • Electrical diagrams and location of electrical components
  • Diagnostic programming
  • List and definition of tools and equipment
  • Parts definition and documentation
  • Management and translation of parts manuals into 40 languages.
  • Advanced analysis of repairability and design requirements (design for repair)

We also provide IT solutions for after-sales and customer services:

  • After-sales documentation editing and publishing platforms
  • Part catalog repositories and solutions
  • Accessories and parts e-shops
Automotive aftersales sector at arttalo TECH
Quality automotive sector at arttalo TECH

Quality and customer service area

We provide the following customer service and quality services:

  • Helpdesk for official service network
  • Network ticketing and feedback management
  • Technical assistance
  • Creation of technical instructions for warranty procedures
  • Incident resolution and management

Safety and driving assistance area

We write and prepare rescue sheets and guides for each vehicle and version, providing support to the emergency services, optimizing rescue time and improving passenger safety in the event of accidents.

We also develop and carry out procedures for calibrating the new driving assistance systems fitted in the current generation of vehicles.

Automotive safety sector at arttalo TECH
Sustainability in the automotive sector at arttalo TECH

Electric vehicle and sustainability area

Our team includes certified electric vehicle technicians and specialists who develop projects such as: repair concept analysis, comparison of different systems, and battery module technologies. This allows us to meet the new challenges in the electric vehicle sector. We also work on other sustainable technologies such as hybridization and bi-fuel vehicles.

User Documentation Area (OBL)

We take care of creating and printing the user manuals for your vehicles. We write and layout these manuals and translate them into all the required languages.
Automotive sector documentation for OBL at arttalo TECH
Fleet management in the automotive sector at arttalo TECH

Fleet management area

If you have a fleet of vehicles, we can manage it with our standardized procedures. This allows us to optimize its maintenance and availability, meeting the established deadlines, either on a one-time basis or through a stable collaboration.

Infotainment area

We collaborate in the design, management and implementation of modern and secure interfaces that address the main infotainment challenges, such as promoting safe driving, providing accurate information, simplifying interactions and allowing for customization.

Our infotainment projects:

  • Competitor studies
  • User Experience (UX) design and implementation
  • User Interface (UI) design and implementation
  • Information architecture
  • Mobile device integration
  • Content writing / UX writing
  • Interface translation and localization into more than 30 languages
Infotainment in the automotive sector at arttalo TECH

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